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Hooshang  Khorasani

Hooshang is an internationally exhibited artist with working studios in Ruston, LA, and Orange County, CA.


His art career began early – when a newspaper published one of his drawings at age 7. Enrollment in an arts-centered high school followed, then college and a BFA in painting. His early professional years included 12 years as a graphic designer and an award-winning illustrator of children's books. Since 1984, he has worked as a self-employed artist in America and on the Mediterranean coast in Spain. His paintings are displayed in private collections in Europe and across the United States as well as in several corporate collections. They are also part of permanent museum collections including the International Musuem of the Horse.


Hooshang's work reflects a bold contemporary style, with hues alternating between muted and highly energized. His paintings are in acrylic and mixed media, and range from brushwork to washes to work with a palette knife. He paints on canvas, paper and board.


He says this about his work: "I paint in layers, adding texture, but it’s as if the paint itself takes part in the creative process. I’m the tour guide on the journey, but there’s another participant: My hands are virtually channeled into a universal source of energy. And that energy, in turn, pulses through my brushes and artist tools.


"Indeed, the common theme for all my works is energy – energy in nature and the world around me, in moving colors that show power, in the inner life of my subjects. I seek to unveil the mysteries and beauties of the universe."


This multi-talented artist has been featured in exhibits, represented by galleries and associated with museums across the U.S. At several of those events, he has won Best of Show or Best of Category.


  • Many pieces of his work have just completed a yearlong solo exhibition that traveled to multiple North Dakota museums. In 2017 and 2018, his paintings were part of ArtExpo New York.
  • Other solo exhibitions have included FW Gallery, Baton Rouge, LA, 2018; Taube Art Museum, Minot, ND, 2017; Art Innovations, Ruston, LA, 2012; Church Street Gallery, Rockport, TX, 2006; Keathley University Center Gallery, Middle Tennessee State University in Murfreesboro, 2000; and University Center Art Gallery, Louisiana State University-Shreveport, 1999.
  • Current representation includes Jack Rabbit Gallery, Houston, TX; FW Gallery, Baton Rouge, LA; and The Agora Borealis, Shreveport, LA. Previous affiliations include The Cottage Gallery, Laguna Beach, CA; Legacy Fine Art Gallery, Hot Springs, AR; Xanadu Gallery, Scottsdale, AZ; Wade Gallery of Fine Art, San Antonio, TX; and Brunner Gallery, Covington, LA.
  • His work has been shown at such museums as the Taos (NM) Art Museum; Yellowstone Art Museum in Billings, MT; Museum of Science & Industry in Tampa, FL; Fort Collins (CO) Museum of Art; Rawls Museum Arts in Courtland, VA; Attleboro (MA) Arts Museum; Andrews (NC) Art Museum; and Louisiana State Museum in Baton Rouge.

 Publishing credits include Image Conscious of San Francisco, CA; METcolors of Oklahoma City, OK; Bentley Publishing Company of Austin, TX; Dianoche Designs of Wheatridge, CO; and NextMonet of San Francisco, CA. His work can also be licensed through Art Licensing, Inc., of Manchester, VT.



Hooshang Studio/Hooshang Khorasani

1001 Cedar Creek Road, Ruston, LA 71270


96 Calle Aragon, Unit B, Laguna Woods, CA 92637

318.255.9368 (studio & home), 318.680.2343 (cell)

hooshangstudio@suddenlink.net, www.hooshangstudio.com

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