Hooshang Khorasani - Artist

Purchasing & Shipping Info

  • Please contact the artist for pricing information for originals. Prices for limited-edition prints are shown on the page "Limited-Edition Equine, Floral and Landscape Prints."
  • Paintings on this site can be purchased by contacting the artist and arranging for payment through Paypal, check, major credit card or cash.
  • Prices on originals include packing and shipping for customers residing in the USA.
  • Domestic shipments usually take between 1 and 7 days; international shipments, between 7 and 10 days;
  • If after one week the purchaser is not completely satisfied with the artwork, the purchase price minus any shipping costs incurred by Hooshang Studio will be reimbursed upon safe return of the artwork.
  • Prices are subject to applicable taxes. 
  • Contact Hooshang Studio for more information or to arrange a viewing.
  • NOTE: Please check on the availability of a piece before deciding to purchase it. Some pieces are committed to future exhibitions or may have recently been sold in-studio.
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